Banagher Park

Banagher Park

Banagher Shannon Bank Park is an open green park along the banks of the River Shannon. The park is owned by the Community and managed by Banagher Shannon Bank Park Committee, a group of trustees who are responsible for the overall management of the facility since 1979. Banagher Shannon Bank Park is open to all groups, visitors and locals from Banagher and the surrounding areas.

This park has been reclaimed and developed into one of the most popular relaxing community facilities, you are surrounded by nature and can enjoy the many amenities available.

Unwind and relax in the open green area with a picnic or a book, enjoy the outdoor floating swimming pool or take a walk or jog along the looped walking track (1 mile) as you enjoy the peace and tranquility and perhaps spot swans, corncrake or snipe around the banks of the river Shannon. Dogs are welcome along the walking track but we do ask that you keep them on a lead.

Immerse yourself in Banagher Heritage and learn about Cromwell’s’ Castle (located in the park grounds). Follow the information boards strategically located for you to view Banagher’s beautiful bridge as you read and learn about its history. Visit ‘The Trollope Bridge” a miniature replica built by the community to celebrate Anthony Trollope’s bicentenary and the time he spent in Banagher.

The group have undertaken significant development of the park over the years including upgrading of the facility to include walkways, signage, seating, remove and replace tees, water feature and overall improvement of existing facility. There are representatives from across the community who actively volunteer in the management of this facility and are supported through the local Community Employment Scheme and TUS.