Banagher Community Plan 2018 – 2023

Banagher on the Shannon

A plan for the future 2018 – 2023


Banagher has a history of community engagement and self-help.

In 2018 Banagher recognised that as the living landscape which shapes the community had and was changing, they needed to respond; as a community, recognise and react to that changing environment and plan for the future. The objective is to create a resilient community in Banagher. Resilience has many translations – spirit, strength, buoyancy – and it is both to avail of these attributes and enhance them in the future, that has led Banagher to develop this plan. A plan that is designed by Banagher for Banagher.

This plan does not concentrate on what Banagher does not have, on its difficulties and its challenges. It concentrates on Banagher’s assets and seeks to identify ways in which these assets can be used and developed to the benefit of the community. There are many assets to build upon – the people of Banagher; the places that define Banagher and the partnership of people together that make up many of the towns institutions, groups and organisations.

Now is an appropriate time for Banagher to put itself in the position of knowing what it wants, on having a clear, shared vision for the town and of knowing the actions it wishes to see taken so that it can engage in a positive, focused and coherent way with those who have access to resources and authority to assist the town in reaching its goals. This is also needed so that the resources of the community can also be focused and used in a concentrated way to achieve agreed outcomes and not dissipated by a focus on too many priorities and unachievable goals.

Banagher – Our Vision

To have a strong community that is self-reliant, active and co-operates to develop its town to the benefit of all members of the community.

That a tangible progress towards the regeneration of Banagher will be made over the next five years’ with the development of a roadmap being one of the goals towards the achievement of that vision.

That have the Banagher streetscape is attractive, functional and provides a visual identity for the town

That all of the town’s building stock would be in beneficial use and contributing to the social an economic life of the community

That Banagher would have a selection of quality amenities, facilities and recreational pursuits which would help encourage people to stay in or re-locate to the town and which would provide them with suitable opportunities to participate in the life of the community

That the River Shannon, the other natural amenities and the historic and cultural resources of the area will be sustainably developed and used to enhance the economic life of the community and its individual members.

That Banagher will provide the range of local training and education opportunities necessary so that all in the community can benefit

Banagher would have available a housing stock that is sufficient to provide accommodation for all who wish to live in the community; balanced in terms of affordability and of an appropriate scale.

That Banagher will be a community in which high-quality employment is available to the majority of its residents and in which long-distance commuting is minimised

That Banagher will be a community which is welcoming to all and in which the needs of its most marginalised members are identified and actively addressed through voluntary and other forms of action

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Banagher Community Plan 2018 – 2023