Oral History Recording Session

Oral History Recording Session
  • As part of the Banagher Public Art Commission 2019-2020 poet and creative writing teacher Jessica Traynor is starting a project to create a snapshot of Banagher through the eyes of its residents. From the age of 18 to 80 and beyond, I’m keen to hear your stories of the history and present day of Banagher – with a particular focus on local industry and folktales of the area. These 30 minute recording sessions will be a informal chat, and the resulting recordings will be donated to the local library. 
  • Date of Event  – 11/12/19, 22/04/20. Start time and end time: 14.30 -17.00
  • Location: Crank House
  • Contact number: 087 697 3032
  • Number of tickets allocated to each event: 3 – register your interest with Jessica Traynor at jessicamarytraynor@gmail.com